Monday, October 31, 2011

Heroes in a Half-Shell

I love HALLOWEEN! It's my 2nd favorite holiday next to Christmas. Here's a look back at costumes of Halloween past.
Kelly & Zack from Saved By The Bell (Our 1st married Halloween)

Strawberry Shortcake & Friends

Aaargggghhh! A pirate.

Some costumes are obviously favorites of mine:
I think the husband makes a wonderful scarecrow. He's sweet enough to wear whatever my little heart desires on Halloween...which is usually something most men would rather not wear. Maybe we'll do Peter Pan & Wendy next year...

This year the hubby was on call (dang doctor life) for Halloween weekend so I participated in a group costume with 3 of my dearest friends. We were the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. I've been wanting to be them for Halloween for FOREVER and our costumes were awesome if I do say so myself. Caroline had everyone over to her house to watch the USC vs. Tennessee game as well as the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game and to celebrate Halloween. Thankfully, Carolina squeaked out another win and Clemson lost their first game of the season (WooHoo) Enjoy our turtle power pictures!

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