Monday, October 3, 2011

Gamecocks vs. Tigers (the Auburn kind)

Y'all, I have to confess something. My Gamecocks losing puts me in a funk. A non picture taking funk. These are my mom's pictures. My camera cord is at work, I'm not, and to be honest, I only took like 5 pictures, and only 2 of them have people in them. I'll add another tomorrow of the husband that was only on my camera. Carolina lost to Auburn. AGAIN. One of the worst games I've ever been to was the SEC Championship game last year where Carolina was STOMPED on by Auburn. I'm seeing a pattern here. I'm going to use this week to get over Carolina's loss (We have no quarterback) and stay hopeful for this coming weekend's game against the Kentucky Wildcats. (My baby brother, he's 21, will be in town from college in NYC to go to the game with us) I'm linking up with The Belles of Saturday to bring y'all my few tailgating pics from Saturday's game.

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On a better note, Saturday's game was the Wounded Warrior Project game. The team wears uniforms with camouflage in them (even though the SEC made us change our jerseys because the couldn't see the numbers well enough) and the uniforms are donated to be auctioned off with the proceeds benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project. It was nice to have some of those soldiers who have dedicated their lives to serving our country there to be honored at halftime. I'm so grateful for those who feel a call to serve our nation and keep us safe at home.

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