Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crafty Ladies

Last Friday night (and now I have a Katy Perry song in my head), Andrea and I went over to Caroline's house to have dinner and make arts & crafts. I brought dessert, Caroline made quiche and Andrea brought a yummy casserole. I had seen this picture on pinterest of what I thought was a painted pumpkin. (For some reason, pinterest is not letting me embed. Weird. Here's a pic of the pumpkin. Here's where the idea came from)
Well, come to find out after clicking on the link, it's not a painted pumpkin, but one made with modge podge and scrapbook paper. Whatevs. We decided to paint away and see what they would look like. I think they ended up looking pretty awesome and can't wait to add it to my front porch fall decor.
All 3 of us with our pumpkins, I look like I've had a little too much wine.
Andrea's big "B" (She's pregnant btw, like 4 months pregnant and still looks awesome)
My little "H"
Caroline's Newlywed "E"

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  1. These painted pumpkins are so cute! Isn't Pinterest the best for crafty ideas?

    PS - I just wanted to say thanks again for participating in the fall scarf swap! If you have any questions about anything let me know :)