Monday, October 24, 2011

Tigers vs. Tarheels

No, the title of this is not a joke. We ventured this past Saturday to what my husband more affectionately refers to as God's Country. I think that Death Valley on a Saturday is my personal hell not that I'm being dramatic or anything with all of those people in orange. Yuck. It was Carolina's bye week so I so lovingly agreed to attend the Clemson game with my husband. Despite my whole family being die-hard Carolina fans, we also have season tickets to Clemson (my granddaddy is a Clemson grad) Despite my attempts to pray and will Clemson to their first loss, they didn't lose. I don't remember the score of the game but it was 50-something to 20-something when it was all said and done. Clemson is now 8-0 for the season. I'll be glad to see my Gamecocks back in action next week again the Tennessee Volunteers minus our Marcus Lattimore who was injured in the Mississippi State game and is out for the rest of the season.

I'm linking up with The Belles of Saturday to bring you our tailgating pictures from Saturday. There weren't very many because we were so late leaving Columbia. Whoopsies.
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Someone parked in our spot. Thankfully, we have 2. I left them a nice note. I should've added a "Go Gamecocks" at the bottom

We try and keep it as classy as possible in Clemson

With extra large miller lite's in paper bags. K-L-A-S-S-Y


  1. Thanks for linkup up with us! Both Ashton and I were both hoping they'd lose too :-(

  2. So glad I found your blog--I absolutely love it! Now following :)

    Anyways, this post caught my eye because I was also at the Clemson vs. UNC game. I actually just did a post about it yesterday--too funny! I'm a big UNC fan but my boyfriend is a senior at Clemson, and I usually go to most of Clemson's games with him but I had some serious mixed feelings about this one, since I like both teams! I actually love Death Valley...I agree orange is an obnoxious color, but I love Clemson's spirit!

    Anyways, check out my blog...I gave you an award!! :)