Thursday, October 27, 2011


I love this game.

I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple to bring you my Eff-Marry-Kill : Gossip Girl Edition


The husband immediately leaves the room when he hears "you know you love me, xoxo" He thinks that Gossip Girl is the stupidest show ever made. Well, to be honest, I don't think it's high quality tv, but oh do I LOVE it so.

Here are three lovely gentlemen to choose from: Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey & Nate Archibald

So let's start with the first, who would I eff? No question, Chuck Bass. I think he's a little strange and quite the bad boy which makes him a perfect choice. I could definitely see him being under some people's kill category though. He's so pretty, I could stare at him for a night.

Marry? Nate Archibald.
Good breeding? Check.
Dashingly handsome? Check.
Knows how to treat a lady? Check.
So maybe his family has had their fair share of issues, but he seems to have come out of it well with his head on his shoulders. Marry me please.

So that only leaves Dan Humphrey to knock off. He irritates me. Alot. I can't deal with the whiny emo "woe is me" way of going through life. He seems to be such a handful and exactly what I would want if what I'm looking for is an overly emotional woman. Bye Bye Dan.

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