Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinnable Me: Hot as Nails

I wish I was talented enough to paint my nails fancy but let's be real; I can barely paint them plain so there's no hope for me on that front. For this Pinnable Me Friday, I'm linking up with Paw Prints & Pastry Bags to bring you some pretty nails that I wish I had the ability to do on my own.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I'm Playing Thursday

I'm linking up with We're Just Like You Only Prettier for What I'm Playing Thursday. I love all sorts of music and pretty much listen to every genre so my musical tastes tend to be rather interesting to say the least. Enjoy!

Hey, Heisman

Guess what's at work today?

Yep, that would be the HEISMAN trophy! (Which is super heavy btw) I work at a car dealership and as some of you may know the Heisman awards show is sponsored by Nissan. That means this lil ol' trophy is traveling around to different dealerships throughout the fall. Heisman and I are old friends though so I hope he was as excited to see me again as I was to see him.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I love vacations. Last week, my husband, my parents and our 3 dogs spent the week staying at a cabin in between Cashiers and Highlands, North Carolina. Although I'm not exactly what you would call an outdoorsy kinda gal, I enjoyed the week away getting to relax and stay up late without having to worry about getting up for work the next day. Now it's back to my exercise routine. I feel chunktastic. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gamecocks vs. Vandy

This past Saturday was yet another Carolina win that left fans wondering how in the world we continue to win games with the way we play. A W is a W and I'm all for exciting games but really Carolina? Our defense saved us on Saturday with Garcia throwing 4 picks and of course Lattimore continues to make big plays. My Gamecocks ended up beating Vandy 21-3 leaving us 4-0 for the season and 2-0 in the SEC. I'm linking up again with The Belles of Saturday to bring you my tailgating pictures from Saturday. I love football season and can't wait for another Carolina football Saturday next weekend versus Auburn.

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Happy Birthday Hooting Owl

Today is my dear friend Kristin's birthday. We've became friends more recently, but are from the same hometown and had a lot of mutual friends. She's an anthropologie loving girl whose lover moved a month ago to live in Oklahoma for his job (which is an awesome job BTW). She's my sometimes workout partner when we're not feeling lazy after work and my daily fashion consultant. She loves receiving Barry Manilow cd's in the mail and mails me back the cutest pug cards that she draws herself.
She's one of the only people that entertains my wishes and addresses me as "Mrs. Dr." much to my husband's chagrin. One of the most important things in life, in my opinion, is to surround yourself with supportive, loving friends who will sit and listen when you're feeling sad or need to get something off of your chest, but will also roll around on the floor laughing like an idiot with you even if other people look at you like you're insane.

Happy Birthday to you today Miss Lavender, I wish you many many more wonderful days. XoXo.
P.S. Jiminy wanted to wish you a happy birthday as well. Chirp Chirp.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pinnable Me: Quotable Friday

Pinterest is amazing. I love to read, so it's only fitting that I love quotes just as much. There's nothing better than curling up with a good book in bed. I lucked out that my husband loves to read as well so we frequent the bookstore together to just wander around like an old married couple with our Starbucks. For this Pinnable Me Friday, I've linked up with Paw Prints & Pastry Bags to bring you some of my favorite quotes.

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nifty Fifty

My mom turned 50 back at the beginning of September. We had to wait to have her birthday celebration with her girlfriends until Carolina's football schedule would allow so last Friday night we got into our limo and rode to dinner at Saki Tumi followed by drinks and dancing at Liberty's. My best friend from elementary, middle & beginning of high school was able to come out too and I loved seeing her and getting to hang out again (She's a mom now to 3! boys) We had a great time, maybe a little too much fun :-) I had quite the time trying to fix tailgating food the next morning. Apparently 5 tequila shots is 4.5 too many. Enjoy the ridiculousness that ensued plus one normal beginning of the evening picture.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh, Baby!

I hate keeping secrets. Especially exciting ones that eventually get to be shared. No, I'm not pregnant, BUT my BEST FRIEND is. I couldn't be more excited for her and her husband.
Aren't they just beautiful? That baby is going to be GORGEOUS. Andrea and I have been best friends since she moved to Columbia in 10th grade. We didn't go to the same high school but met through my boyfriend at the time who went to high school with her. (Needless to say, that relationship wasn't a very long-lasting one, but I did get a best friend in return) I don't have a sister, but I consider Andrea to be mine. I can't wait to be AUNTIE BRITTANY and spoil that little boy or girl.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gamecocks vs. Navy

This past Saturday was Carolina's first home game. I was so happy to be back at Williams-Brice cheering on my Gamecocks. It seems as if this season is going to be the season of nail biting games for the Carolina fans, but as long as we win we'll be happy fans. Carolina beat Navy 24-21. Marcus Lattimore really showed out this game and I know Gamecock Nation feels lucky to have him in garnet and black on Saturday nights. 3-0!

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I'm linking up with The Belles of Saturday to bring you my tailgating pictures from Saturday's game. I was awful at taking pictures and only have 4 :-( we had a long evening on Friday night. The husband wasn't there on Saturday, he went to Death Valley to cheer on his Tigers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Say What?

Y'all will notice on my blog roll that I have Anthroholic listed (I would link to her blog, but it's been privatized) As an anthropologie lover, I like to read the blogs so as to see the clothes on real people as opposed to skinny minnie models. My friend Kristin (also an anthropologie lover) emailed me this morning with this crazy story. It saddens me that someone who has that many followers would do something like that to so many people. I personally was never affected by this but hope that everyone involved is reimbursed what they're owed. If you want to read more about it, you can look at Tracy's blog post that chronicles her personal experience with Kim of Anthroholic. You should note that Kim comes in on the comments and apologizes and Tracy herself says that she has been reimbursed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look For Less

I've been wanting some brightly colored jeans, but let's be real. I'll probably wear them a handful of times so I'm not all about dropping almost $200 on them when I might think they're the most disgustingly ugly things this time next year.

You can either get the JBrand version or the Forever 21 version.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy People AKA Target Shoppers

If I'm being completely honest, I forgot about the Missoni for Target collection being released today. I checked the website at midnight but it wasn't open yet and well, I'm busy and you know I work and exercise and such during the day so it slipped my mind until Kristin sent me texts about what she had found. I stopped by a couple of Target locations today and found the collection to be completely picked over and, in some places, gone altogether. I purchased a scarf (not the one I really wanted and one I'm not sure I'm going to keep) and a candle which smells yummy.
Dear Missoni for Target shoppers:

Y'all know this isn't REAL Missoni marked down to Target prices right? And you know that buying up the collection and re-selling on ebay for well over 100% mark-up is kind of crappy of you?

Disappointed Target Shopper