Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy People AKA Target Shoppers

If I'm being completely honest, I forgot about the Missoni for Target collection being released today. I checked the website at midnight but it wasn't open yet and well, I'm busy and you know I work and exercise and such during the day so it slipped my mind until Kristin sent me texts about what she had found. I stopped by a couple of Target locations today and found the collection to be completely picked over and, in some places, gone altogether. I purchased a scarf (not the one I really wanted and one I'm not sure I'm going to keep) and a candle which smells yummy.
Dear Missoni for Target shoppers:

Y'all know this isn't REAL Missoni marked down to Target prices right? And you know that buying up the collection and re-selling on ebay for well over 100% mark-up is kind of crappy of you?

Disappointed Target Shopper

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  1. love this post. missoni for target was one big bust.