Thursday, September 1, 2011

Garden Wedding

Josh & Caroline's Garden Wedding was absolutely beautiful! After a morning of primping, we made our way over to the hotel where the bride & groom spent their first night as husband & wife to knock out some of the pre-wedding jitters with a little champagne. Everything came together beautifully for their wedding and we spent the night dancing away. We met up afterwards at the rooftop bar in Columbia and celebrated a little longer before this girl had to go home and go to bed. Enjoy the picture overload (the husband isn't in any because he was on call last weekend, boo doctor life)


  1. I love you but I look so gross in that picture if us! Haha. I think that might have been taken after we had to help set up the bar...

  2. Haha aw Caro, I don't think it's bad!