Monday, September 5, 2011

Gamecocks vs. Pirates

Saturday's game put the Carolina Gamecocks against the East Carolina Pirates. These games always make me the most nervous; it's the teams that you're supposed to beat that seem to be the ones where we make our biggest mistakes. It was an EXTREMELY rocky 1st quarter that made all us Carolina fans nervous that we were going to lose our first game. The head ball coach decided to start Connor Shaw, have him play the first quarter and then have Stephen Garcia play the second quarter. Despite the problems that Garcia may have had with staying
out of trouble, it should be apparently clear that he is our starting quarterback. Shaw is said to play well during the practices but he just cannot seem to get it together during the games. The Gamecocks ended up getting it together in the second quarter and beat the Pirates 56-37. GO GAMECOCKS! We had a fun time tailgating next to a place called "Club Ice"which in my
opinion looked like a strip club on the outside. We found out though once we got in the game that our seats were in club and we could've been inside the entire time avoiding the heat. (We tailgate inside at the home games at our condo behind the cockabooses, so we've gotten used to air conditioning, tv and bathrooms. Spoiled I know.) I can't wait to travel next week to Athens, Georgia for another Carolina win against the Bulldogs.

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I'm linking up with the Belles of Saturday to bring you some tailgating pictures from Saturday but they're iPhone pictures since my camera connector is at work and it's a HOLIDAY
Mom & I glad we were finally inside in the air
Husband and I (He's a Clemson fan but still donned his garnet for me, sweet man)
My dear friend (and sorority sister) Jenna. She went to med school with my husband as well and is now in Tennessee at Vanderbilt for her residency. Smartypants.


  1. Thanks for linking up! Wish we could have met up at the game. It was so hot! Our seats were on the club level, too. It was so nice to have an adult beverage at half-time. =)

    Have fun in Athens! Wish I was going.

  2. Love your red and garnet JRs!!! I rocked my red and black ones this weekend too. Our QB at NC State didn't do so well either... Thanks so much for linking up!! (I'm one of the Belles of the Belles of Saturday)

  3. Yay, for Cocks! I've always wanted to go to a game especially since my cousin goes there and loves it! Glad ya'll had a good weekend!