Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SC State Fair

My husband and I plus the Evans' went to the fair on the last day it was in town. I absolutely love the fair; my husband on the other hand would rather be doing anything else. He was sweet to come to the fair and hold my purse and take pictures while I rode rides with Caroline & Josh. We even managed to get him on the haunted house ride which was oh-so-scary, I don't know how he was able to sleep that night after experiencing such a scarrrrrrrrrrrry ride.

One thing that I don't love about the fair: how much money you spend there. We walked in, rode some rides, ate some food, walked around a couple buildings and somehow managed to spend $80. And that was with Derrick only riding one ride with me, it would've been more had he rode all of them.

It was a really fun day though and I'm glad that we got to go before it left town, because the fair that follows it in North Charleston is not the same. A little more redneck (if that's even possible) and a lot more scary. There are sideshows there...like the snake lady (head of a lady, body of a snake) Nothankyou.

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