Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

My sweet friend Kristin had a great suggestion yesterday after I texted her a picture of my outfit of the day. She said "Brittany, you should do What I Wore Wednesday on your blog"! Why yes, I think that may be a great idea. A couple of things first:

1. Don't pay attention to my bitch face in this picture, I was sick. (which became apparent later when I was throwing up in the bathroom at my office, yuck)

2. This isn't technically my outfit from Wednesday, it was Tuesday and well I'm sick so today's outfit isn't as cute.

3. I usually put on some form of jewelry other than my staples (diamond earrings, wedding rings, ring from 1 year anniversary) but I was running late to work because this sickness made it hard to get up out of my bed

4. I promise to eventually take real pictures, not iPhone ones.

5. Yes, I'm in my parent's gym...again...not exercising but taking pictures of my outfit.

Top - J.Crew (not available in same color and only in large sizes in other colors)
Skirt - J.Crew (similar)
Shoes - Kohl's
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Bag - Le Louis


  1. Ugh - stomach bugs are the worst! Feel better soon :)

  2. What a cute outfit! You rock it! I hope you feel better, stomach bugs stink!

  3. You look pretty! I like the color of your JCrew shirt. I still haven't worn mine. I like the What I Wore Wednesday idea. :-)