Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eff, Marry, Kill

I have been anxiously awaiting the return of this game.
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After scouring my brain for what three men I will be deciding from, I had a light bulb go off. OF COURSE! I'll do the 3 dads from Three Men & A Baby (and Three Men & A Little Lady) What girl my age doesn't LOVE these movies?? So here are my choices for my link up with The Vintage Apple

Eff: Jack Holden (Ted Danson)
Sure, he's a little irritating, but just for one night. And he's funny. Obviously many forms of birth control would be used as we know he is proficient at making babies.

Marry: Peter Mitchell (Tom Selleck)
He's caring, attractive, has a good job. Sure, there's that thick creepy mustache, but I think I could get over it. Or maybe he would shave it for me?

Kill: Michael Kellam (Steve Guttenberg)
Yeah, so he can draw. That's awesome. Maybe I'd get him to draw me a picture before I said bye bye.


  1. i was waiting and waiting for this game to come back too :)

    funny picks! i would marry "Ricard"/Tom Selleck too.

  2. It's so funny you posted this today! My husband and I have been watching Cheers on Netflix, and seeing so much of Ted Danson has had me dying to watch this movie! We finally got the DVD and we're planning on watching it tonight. Have you heard that they are thinking about making Three Men and a Bride when Mary is grown up?! I will die. And I totally agree with your picks.

  3. Oops, just realized you posted this yesterday, clearly I'm a little behind in my Google Reader :)

  4. EXCELLENT lineup!!! I love your choices!