Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Scarf Swap

I love a good fall scarf. Here in SC, it stays pretty mild through November so it gives me a chance to add a little bit of winter to my outfit since I'm not able to wear my coats most days because it gets too dang hot in the afternoon. I thought it would be so much fun to join in on the Fall Scarf Swap hosted by Sweet Tea Diaries at the end of October.
My swap partner was Megan at Everyday Nonsense, and she sent over some precious stuff. She was a much better swap partner than I. I got my package from her on the day we needed to send them by, realized I had left hers at work un-mailed (it was a Friday) and didn't get to send hers out until Monday. Whoopsies. I don't know when I started being so forgetful but it's definitely happening a lot more in the past year or so.

She was so sweet to send me more than just a scarf. She sent this precious scarf with pretty fall colors, antibacterial soap from Bath & Body Works in some yummy fall scents, and a ring and hair pin from her Etsy shop.
Thanks so much Megan! I hope you liked yours as much as I liked mine. I've already worn the scarf once. Excuse the exercise equipment, I was in my parent's gym where there is full-length mirrors. I also have food in my hands because I was running out of the door to make it to my hair appointment on time and was trying to decide if I liked the boot/sock combo.


  1. Super cute! Love all the little extras =)

  2. I love the scarf you received! I think it's similar to the one I sent my partner, but a different color! Thank you so much for playing along with the swap, I hope you had fun! PS - love your outfit and the boots/sock combo :)

  3. Very cute outfit! I love the socks with the boots.

  4. She sent you such a nice package and the scarf really looks nice with your outfit (I love the boot/sock combo btw). The little extras she included were so nice!

  5. that scarf is lovely definitely says fall! and i love the hairpins she sent you as well. i love swaps like that :-)

  6. I'm so happy you loved it! Yippee! You were a fab partner my dear!