Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Al's Upstairs

We ventured over to the wedding venue later on in the day Friday for the wedding rehearsal. The Lace House is absolutely beautiful! I had never been to a wedding there before and was feeling a little *green* that I didn't know how beautiful this place was 3 years ago. :-) I could have never planned an outdoor wedding. Caroline handled it very well; I, on the other hand, would have been a wreck especially with the threat of a hurricane to start off the wedding week. After making sure we all knew how to walk (5 members of the bridal party are married, the other 2 are engaged) we headed over to Al's Upstairs for dinner with the soon-to-be husband and wife and their close friends and families. I don't remember my wine glass ever being empty so I can't say how many glasses of wine I enjoyed, just that I certainly did enjoy several.

Bride & Groom

Getting walked down the aisle by her sister

Making sure we know the essentials: standing, walking, smiling, etc

Highschool Loves

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