Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why isn't this purple?

There are a couple comics that I just find absolutely hilarious: Chelsea Handler, Ross Matthews, Dane Cook, etc. Now we can add Aziz Ansari to that list. He's from my home town and I bought his comedy show today from his website, Dangerously Delicious (um hello it's only $5) and watched it laughing out loud the entire time. He can be a little inappropriate so this would not be something to watch with the volume turned all the way up at work.


  1. I definitely should've waited until my 5 year-old was out of the room to watch that...but HILARIOUS. And pathetic. Dude, Fifty, please pay someone to explain what a grapefruit is to you (c:

    1. Ha yes definitely not appropriate for a 5 year old :-)