Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who is your doppleganger?

Oh my celebrity doppleganger...

I'm linking up with Raven to share my celeb dopplegangers.

There are a couple that I've been told I look like that I'll share before I share what the generator thought were my celebrity lookalikes.

Doppleganger #1

Charlotte from Sex & The City. I can thank the husband for this one. He thinks I look a lot like Mrs. York-Goldenblatt. And that's why I love him.

Doppleganger #2
Carla Gugino. You may remember her as the daughter from Son In Law or more recently as Amanda Daniels from Entourage. Once again, I don't really agree with this one. I would however gladly accept having breasts like hers.

Doppleganger #3
Miss Britney Spears. Seriously. In high school I was told I looked like her all the time. Pre-melt down.

So, on to what the generator thought were my celebrity look-alikes

Face No. 1


Match: 70%

Match: 70%

Match: 70%

Match: 68%

Match: 67%

Hilary DuffCarmen ElectraGabrielle UnionEmily MortimerAlicia Keys

Hilary Duff

Carmen Electra

Gabrielle Union

Emily Mortimer

Alicia Keys

Um say what? I do love my Duff stuff. None of my matches are over 70%, does that mean I'm unique. Ha. I think I should be happy that I just didn't get any men look a likes. Obviously I need to try one more picture and see if I get the same results from another website.

Um yes, please. I in no way think I resemble these people but I'll take it. And hey, maybe the hubs is right after all. No more, I should probably quit while I'm ahead.

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