Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Good Egg

I have to say that I have a good egg. My sweet husband may not put his dishes in the sink or close cabinets and drawers once he gets what he wants out of them, but he is a sweet man. He came home last night with a couple more Christmas gifts for me and wanted to go ahead and give me one of them which was this
Okay so there is an explanation needed. We're headed to Florida after New Year's for several fun things. Our main trip is to Orlando to see my Gamecocks play Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl. We are also going to visit Harry Potter Land and MGM as we were just in Orlando a year ago and went to some of the other parks then. My dad was able to score two Orange Bowl tickets for the husband and I to see the husband's team, Clemson Tigers, take on the West Virginia Mountaineers in Miami. I had joked a couple of weeks ago about wearing WVU gear to the game which wasn't well received at the time. Last night though, my husband brought home this shirt for me to wear to the game. A good egg indeed.


  1. Haha!! Love that you'll be cheering his rival at the game. Fun :)

  2. Hey! Just saw your comment on my blog about the sailboat shirt. I think the brand is 2 Hearts. I am actually going in there today, so I'll see if they are getting more in :-)

  3. Derrick is a good sport. I like the shirt. :-)