Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Newest Obsession

I've really been obsessed with pilates classes as of lately. I went to a mat class tonight at Core Essentials in West Ashley. It was a great studio with a small class (only 3 people) so lots of attention to the students taking the class. That was a great thing for me considering I looked like this:

Seriously, I almost rolled off of the platform onto the ground. Not good. What's great about Core Essentials is that they offer your first private lesson for free so you can see if pilates is for you without having to pay for a class. *Private lessons aren't cheap btw as they can go up to $70 for one session* I'll definitely be taking advantage of that great offer next time. I now have to go ice my body so I can be up and ready for my ballet barre workout in Mt. Pleasant tomorrow morning.

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